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☆ incarnadine.
♥ in-kahr-nuh-dahyn.

♥ adjective.
♥ 1. blood-red; crimson.
♥ 2. flesh-colored; pale pink.

☆ iconadine.
♥ eye-kahn-nuh-dahyn.

♥ noun.
♥ 1. the icon community of kristina5226.


♥ Welcome to iconadine, the icon journal of kristina5226, established 2008. Updated probably once or twice a year, as my inspiration comes and goes.

♥ I have been iconing since 2006 and am a proud user of Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7. I am still not satisfied with my icons, but I enjoy making them and will never give in to the temptations of Photoshop. >=|

♥ My major fandoms are Detective Conan and Shin Megami Tensei-related video games. I also particularly like older, mid/late-nineties jRPGs.

♥ I also co-own pixelfall, an icon community in which I post icon challenge-related icons. Regular batches are posted here.

Resource post.

♥ Layout by ribbonized.

♥ Updated 9/03/13.