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01 October 2011 @ 05:53 pm
batch four [26 icons]  
Hello~ Long time no post. Well, I actually posted a batch of Detective Conan icons over at another community created by some friends, pixelfall, about a year ago. |D I thought I would post a fake cut here and then to conan_icons in case anyone's been watching this journal for anything. |D

In this batch:
[26] Detective Conan icons


001 002 003

( futari wa mirai ni koishita~ )

Please credit iconadine/pixelfall or kristina5226. =] ♥ Thank you for stopping by!

A few quick things:
--I made three batches of stock icons for a mini-challenge, too! There are a hundred icons in total. You can find the batches here: batch 1 batch 2 batch 3

--As I'm part of two icon comms now, I think I'm going to split posts up between the two and cross-post them for easy finding. |D The icons I plan on posting here at iconadine will be regular icon batches, and the ones I will post at pixelfall will be icontest-related, such as other mini challenges.

--Along that note, I am finishing up some loooong overdue 10_lyricons-inspired challenges for Ai, Shinichi, and ShinRan from DC, so those will go up at pixelfall soon and will be cross-posted here! =D Just four more Shinichi icons, go go go~ |D

Thanks! =D
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