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03 September 2013 @ 09:54 pm
Whew. Dusted off the comm today; gave it a new layout... and forgot to cross-post some icons I made in December and posted to pixelfall. They're based off of challenges from 10_lyricons. Most of the icons were made much earlier than 2012, though.

Subject: Edward Elric [25 icons + 25 variations]
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist, the original anime. Not Brotherhood.
Lyrics: "Tears of Pearls" by Savage Garden

( "like fallen soldiers we will learn." )

Subject: Ai Haibara [10 icons + 12 variations/extras]
Fandom: Detective Conan
Lyrics: "Strength" by Sister Soleil

( "i don't feel anymore what i felt before." )

Subject: Arc [10 icons + 13 variations/extras]
Fandom: Final Fantasy III DS
Lyrics: "New World" by L'Arc~en~Ciel

( "stand up for your final choice!" )

Subject: Conan Edogawa [10 icons + 15 variations/extras]
Fandom: Detective Conan
Lyrics: "Long, Long Way From Home" by Foreigner

( "i hope we'll be here when they're through with us." )

Subject: Ran Mouri [10 icons + 15 variations/extras]
Fandom: Detective Conan
Lyrics: "Strawberryfire" by Apples in Stereo

( "took a trip on a stereo song, drifting along with the radio on." )

Subject: Shinichi Kudou [25 icons + 31 variations/extras]
Fandom: Detective Conan
Lyrics: "Tangled Web" by Daily Planet

( "right now the world needs a hero." )

Subject: Shinichi Kudou x Ran Mouri [10 icons + 10 variations/extras]
Fandom: Detective Conan
Lyrics: "Extraordinary Girl" by Green Day

( "she's all alone again, wiping the tears from her eyes." )

Expect a big Persona 2 icon dump sometime in the next bit... I hope. I've been looking at icon inspiration posts over the past couple of days and now I want to try and actually make some icons with decent text and composition, so that may delay things. We'll see. Until then. ♥
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17 June 2012 @ 03:38 pm
I keep forgetting to post things here that I post over at pixelfall, so here is an update on what's been happening:

My friend and I had an icon challenge where we made forty icons each from the same pictures. We'd love to know what you think about our challenge~

In this batch:
[80] icons from different fandoms:

the left icon is by cirronovadrive,
the middle image is a thumbnail that links to the large image we used (for reference),
the right icon is by kristina5226

(the first 20 fandoms are hers, the second 20 are mine)

001 ~ Shugo Chara
021 ~ Pokémon TCG: Southern Islands

( the rest over at pixelfall! )
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17 June 2012 @ 02:33 pm
Hey. Been a while. I'm bringing 91 icons today (+ a silly question). A lot of these were made with roleplayers in mind, so there are a lot of plain face/expression icons.

In this batch:
[44] Persona 2 icons
[17] Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor icons
[14] Detective Conan icons
[12] Pokémon icons
[4] miscellaneous icons: 2 Persona 3, 1 SMTII, 1 misc.

001 002 003 004

a mix of old and new.Collapse )

Credit iconadine/pixelfall or kristina5226. ♥

OKAY my question~

So I've been stalking dear_mun on LJ and Dreamwidth for, uhm, a long time now. In short, I am interested in roleplaying! Except the idea scares the living daylights out of me. I'm very shy. Besides, I have no idea about what you're supposed to do, ack.

So, uhm, if anyone has any words of wisdom/encouragement, I'd really appreciate it. Or pointers as to where newbies should go/what they should do?

And if anyone's interested, I'm wanting to roleplay as Katsuya Suou from Persona 2. =D He's my new obsession. |D (although I want to play him from an early canon-point, hrm.)
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01 October 2011 @ 05:53 pm
Hello~ Long time no post. Well, I actually posted a batch of Detective Conan icons over at another community created by some friends, pixelfall, about a year ago. |D I thought I would post a fake cut here and then to conan_icons in case anyone's been watching this journal for anything. |D

In this batch:
[26] Detective Conan icons


001 002 003

( futari wa mirai ni koishita~ )

Please credit iconadine/pixelfall or kristina5226. =] ♥ Thank you for stopping by!

A few quick things:
--I made three batches of stock icons for a mini-challenge, too! There are a hundred icons in total. You can find the batches here: batch 1 batch 2 batch 3

--As I'm part of two icon comms now, I think I'm going to split posts up between the two and cross-post them for easy finding. |D The icons I plan on posting here at iconadine will be regular icon batches, and the ones I will post at pixelfall will be icontest-related, such as other mini challenges.

--Along that note, I am finishing up some loooong overdue 10_lyricons-inspired challenges for Ai, Shinichi, and ShinRan from DC, so those will go up at pixelfall soon and will be cross-posted here! =D Just four more Shinichi icons, go go go~ |D

Thanks! =D
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Username: kristina5226 / iconadine
Subject: Rukia Kuchiki
Fandom: Bleach.
Lyrics: here.
Set: none.
Credits: all resources here.
Critiques: if you want to.

that"s why she shies away from human affection.Collapse )
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29 September 2009 @ 03:51 pm
Ummmm. Apologies to my *cough* six watchers, but it's been over a year since iconadine opened and I've only posted three batches of icons and two icontest things. XP

Therefore, yes, I know I'm full of fail. =] Buuut, I'm working on another icontest batch right now, and I made a grand total of ten icons over my summer break! Blame it on my unhealthy obsession with video games, a lack of inspiration, and a lack of pictures to icon.

Buuut, I was just introduced to the lovely masses of Japanese fanart sites, so, ummmm. Maybe expect something else soon? I hope. I really want to make icons, but I faillll compared to everyone else out there with Photoshop. XP

Remember: requests are always open!

I'd love to do requests, really. Give me a picture and I'll go with it. I wish it was always that easy. x_x'

Until sometime next month, then~! ♥♥♥
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06 April 2009 @ 11:27 pm
Hey! I'm back! *waves*

I kind of lost my will to icon there for a bit, but since 2009 started (well, more like since February or so?), I've been making icons in random spurts, so I figured now would be a good time to post what I've been up to. =]

In this batch:
[31] Bleach icons~
[14] Furi Kuri (FLCL) icons~ such a deep anime, ha. I just re-watched it for the fourth time, can't you tell?
[8] The World Ends with You icons~ beat it back in November! looovely game. ♥
[17] miscellaneous icons~ six from Detective Conan, six from Inuyasha, three from The Legend of Dragoon, one from Lunar: Silver Star Story, and one from Tales of Phantasia. =]


001 002 003
004 005 006

some people need the heroes. but I don"t mind.Collapse )

Please credit iconadine or kristina5226. =] ♥ Thank you for stopping by!

Reminder: Requests are open! =]
And tutorials may be requested on anything! =] ♥
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25 September 2008 @ 03:24 pm

Username: kristina5226 / iconadine
Subject: Dita Liebely.
Fandom: Vandread / Vandread: The Second Stage.
Lyrics: here.
Set: Kamui.
Credits: all resources here.
Critiques: if you want to. I don't mind.

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23 September 2008 @ 10:52 pm
WOW MOAR ICONS. Um. I'm still in the process of cleaning out and finding new things on my hard drive, so these are still old. Well, some of them I worked on this past weekend, but for the main part, these are kinda old. Oh well~.

In this batch:
[13] Detective Conan icons~ I actually rather like this batch. some of my better older stuff, haha.
[10] Tales of Phantasia icons~
[5] The Legend of Dragoon icons~ I know, I'm lame. also, semi-spoiler alert for the ending FMV (if you actually care?). oh, and I have icons for two of the original seven Dragoons! I love those guys. ♥
[5] Pokémon icons~ I have a bunch of bases... I might do like five or so of these a batch just to get rid of them.
[7] miscellaneous icons~ one from Breath of Fire III (♥), some random quotes, and some random pictures of cats dressed up as frogs and ducks. =]



I really should be sleeping right nowwww...Collapse )

Please credit iconadine! Well, it really doesn't matter, does it? Credit is appreciated though. =] ♥

Alsoooo, if anyone wants a tutorial of any of my icons for whatever reason, I save most of my .psp files, so I can easily make one... Just to let you know. =] ♥
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